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Appropriately delivered, professional subject matter training is the foundation of the development of you team. At EFM Consulting Ltd, we offer training on a range of subject and topics relating to Estates and Facilities Management.

We deliver our training via a range of methods to suit our client requirements snd can deliver on site at your office or off site at our offices in Durham City.

Face to Face Training

While many things can be done virtually in the digital age, physical interaction remains one of the best ways to learn. Communicating and developing relationships through personal interaction is one of the key reasons face-to-face learning continues to be a preferred methodology. Learners gain from the depth of information and experience that is imparted to them by the tutor. This personal delivery method allows delegates to ask questions and receive an immediate response in the verbal language and style that they are comfortable with, therefore avoiding any problems of miscommunication or misinterpretation.

e-Learning (Web Based)

Research shows that 70% of employees use search engines to learn on the job and most people habitually use their smartphones to answer unexpected questions. Accessing information online has become the norm for many people and, with the traditional model for training no longer appropriate in modern businesses, it is natural for companies to turn to e-Learning to fill the gap.

The flexibility afforded by e-Learning means it provides a number of benefits to both the employee and the employer.

For the delegate, it:

For the business or organisation, it:


Organizations need to be willing to change the way they train their staff if they are to succeed. Josh Bersin cites the examples of Nokia and countless search engine businesses, who held highly trained workforces but were finally out-innovated by the business cultures at Apple and Google. 2 These companies developed training cultures that progressed the individual and the business, adapting to the changes around them.

For many organizations, the answer to successful training will be blended learning. Companies are able to choose the balance, ensuring alignment with both the requirements of the business and their employee’s needs, using a combination of traditional and high-tech learning solutions. The workforce then receives the training it needs, but in a format that is less stressful and more appropriate to their working lifestyle.

A face-to-face tutor can help further develop knowledge gained through eLearning by adding real-life examples, gained from personal experience. The tutor can also ensure new knowledge is being implemented in a manner that is suitable for the learner and the business. During this process, the tutor, as the conduit between employer and employee, is also able to assess the success of the learning solution for each student. The freedom to learn in this way has been shown to develop a more self-sufficient and result-orientated workforce. 3

The world of corporate training is changing, just as the work environment is changing. With staff no longer situated at one location, and with an increasing dependence on online resources, companies need to adapt the way they train to meet these new challenges. Companies, such as SGS, are developing a range of options to provide training that works around both the needs of the employer and the needs of the employee. Flexibility is key, as everyone is an individual and every business has a different culture. eLearning will provide employees with a more conducive studying environment that fits around their normal habits but, at the same time, the use of face-to-face training, drawn from the more traditional forms of instruction, will help employees to utilise their learning effectively.

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Micad Systems Approved Training

We provide the full range of Micad IPR training services, from general overview to focused, Module specific sessions.

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Premises Assurance Model Training

We provide the full range of Micad IPR training services, from general overview to focused, Module specific sessions.

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Estates and Property Management Training

As front line Estates Management professionals, we provide practical training to estates and property managers around best practice estates management. We can help you to empower and up skill your team.

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